Who is Femme Finance?

Welcome to Femme Finance! We are Emma & Amy and we’re excited to be here to talk to you about all things finance, lifestyle and mindset.

Meet Emma and Amy, the faces behind Femme Finance

We’re both financial advisors and have a passion for finance – so this is what you’d call our passion project. We are not here to give you personalised advice but we are here to get more people being mindful and aware of how their habits, behaviours and mindset impact on their finances and lifestyle – getting those conversations happening and encouraging people to really take control in these areas is our goal.

Now colleagues, friends and by pure coincidence neighbours, Amy and Emma met in a client / advisor capacity when Amy wanted to purchase her first home. Emma assisted with the finance and Amy, who at that stage worked in the world of accounting, decided it was time for a changes and pursued a career in financial advice. Given our differences in ages and stages of life and our shared passion for finance, we’ve always got plenty to talk about so join us for a cuppa (or gin!) and a chat! 

A little bit about Amy 

  • 22 years old and a qualified financial advisor and money coach
  • Engaged to my partner Tom and together we also have two fur babies Pepper and Winston (Miniature schnauzers)
  • Moved to the Hawkes Bay, NZ 5 years ago from Palmerston North for Tom to pursue his passion of horticulture
  • We bought our first house 8 months ago and are loving the home owner life! 

A little bit about Emma

  • In her early 40’s, I’m a financial advisor and a qualified life coach
  • Married to the wonderful Glenn and we have a lovely 14 year old son who is our one and only baby
  • Has just added a four legged baby to our family too – his name is Frank, he’s the most adorable Airedale Terrier
  • Originally from Perth, Australia but left in 2010 when our family moved to Vientiane, Laos in South East Asia, before moving permanently to NZ almost 5 years ago.
  • We decided to live in Hawkes Bay, NZ and are currently in the process of building our forever home!

What made you become and an Advisor & what do you love about it?  

“I have been interested in finance from a young age saving for my first house since I was 15. In 2019 I was working for an accounting firm however, after purchasing our first home through Emma, this made me think more about the finance industry and the other options that were available. After learning what an advisor does, I decided this was more the path I was wanting to head down. I love being an advisor as I love helping people to make their dreams come true, being able to help people from the very beginning through to the actual purchase, and being able to share my knowledge about how we got there with other young people.

Amy Walker

“I’ve always loved property and I bought my first home with my sister when I was 19 so doing something in the property space made a lot of sense. In Australia I worked for big corporates as a Project & Facilities Manager, so when I moved to provincial NZ, I wasn’t too sure what I would do. I then had the chance to study and train as an Advisor and I ended up specialising in finance (lending) to assist others to achieve their property dreams. Everyday I work with people who are looking at either purchasing their first home, upgrading or are looking to purchase an investment property and it’s so rewarding to be part of the process. People aren’t always ready or aren’t aware of their options and as an Advisor, I can assist them with looking at multiple options and make plans for the future.

Emma Hall

What made you both want to start Femme Finance?  

Together, we both have a passion for finance and lifestyle and we want to be able to start conversations and help people. Both from our experiences and what we know from being in the financial advice industry. As Financial Advisors, we typically specialise in one (or a couple) of specific areas of finance, so just like everyone, there is plenty for the two of us to learn! There are so many perspectives and viewpoints but, working with our clients on a daily basis, we have a lot of exposure to different ways of managing finances and how to make yourself financially healthy – even with just the smallest changes! Although Femme Finance is not “advice”, this space will be about different viewpoints, experiences and knowledge that we can share with you all.

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