Cheap Date Night Ideas

We all love having a night out with our friends or partner but often it’s hard to do this when you are on a budget – going out for dinners or to the bar for “some” drinks every time can become quite costly!

We’ve put together a list of fun but cost-effective date night or activity ideas for you to work your way through. This way, you can still spend quality time together with your partner / husband / mates / family, without a hit to the bank account.

Picnic date night/lunch

Where we live, we are fortunate to have a number of amazing beaches so close, so having a picnic dinner is totally doable, especially in Summer! Any park or field will be just as nice with a beautiful sunset. What to pack? You are still wanting it to be cheaper than a night out – think an easy dinner, maybe a platter with cheese and crackers, some nice pre-made wraps, and of course – a glass of wine (or gin – we love gin!).

Going out for a coffee and a walk

Dinner can be expensive, but a coffee is a great low cost alternative. Go out on a Sunday morning and grab yourselves a coffee, take a seat and relax or go for a walk around your local.


You can take this any way you like. Whether you go to a camping spot with a tent, do some camping in the backyard or even in the living room, these could all be fun options! Have a change of scenery and try to rough it for a night together.

Netflix and Chill

Sometimes rather than paying to go to the movies it’s better to create the movies at home. The bonus is you can even pause the movie for a bathroom break! Set the lounge up with some comfy cushions, blankets, candles, make the room feel cozy. You’ll also avoid that crazy priced popcorn!

Games night

Have some games in the cupboard you forgot about? Get them out and have a game night together. Invite some friends over and have a game of Cranium. After a few glasses of wine (or again, gin) it’s an activity that provides a lot of laughs (trust us!)

Learn something new together

There are so many options when it comes to learning something new, you could do it from the comfort of your home – like downloading a language app, learning a topic on YouTube or listening to a TedTalk. Or you could get out of the house and find a local experience – a new sport or dance lessons. Get out of your comfort zone together!

Make something together

Whether it be painting (cheap starter packs at Kmart), a DIY project or creating gifts for someone’s upcoming birthday – have a little fun with art.

Explore your local walks

Where we live there are some great trails to explore for free! Jump on google, look for some awesome walks in your area and get out there and discover nature. It’s amazing what we have on our own doorstep that we often forget about!

Cook off

Rather than going to a fancy restaurant have a cook off together. One of you on entrees and mains and the other on dessert! Go to the supermarket and try and do it on the cheap or even better, set yourself a challenge and try to create everything with the ingredients you have at home!

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