Mindfulness & Money

What is mindfulness: It is the basic and innate human ability to be self-aware at the physical, emotional and mental levels; and remain detached from what we experience at these levels. What are the benefits of mindfulness: Self-awareness Enhanced wellbeing We become more effective Assists with behaviour and attitude changes Reduced stress Improves focus Improves the ability to be non-reactive Being mindful has so many benefits and these include being kinder to ourselves, which ultimately leads to better self-talk, improved…

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How To Get Out Of Short Term Debt

Listen to our Short Term Debt podcast episode here. Debt, as we all know, is so easy to get into but extremely difficult to get out of. Having multiple different short term debts can make it confusing to manage and, when only paying the minimum repayments it is hard to get them paid off. Everyone is different when it comes to paying off debt. You tend to either use the emotional, snowball or avalanche method, depending on your motivation. Your…

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What Is Short Term Debt

You’ve probably heard a lot about short and long term debt, but do you understand the difference between the two? There are long term debts which (as the name suggests) are over a long period of time and 99% of the time is an investment and therefore you are likely to gain from it – think mortgages where your home is the asset and is likely to grow in value, or student loans which provide a means to gaining a…

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Living Pay to Pay – How to Avoid It

Living pay to pay can be a stressful and worrying way to live, and, unfortunately, 63% of New Zealanders are living this way. Counting down the days until pay day because you have $1 in your account can mean you are constantly scrambling to make ends meet, struggle to pay bills and it makes it nearly impossible to get ahead financially.   It’s also likely that you don’t have any funds set aside for unexpected costs that may come up, which of course (if the unexpected does happen),…

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Cheap Date Night Ideas

We all love having a night out with our friends or partner but often it’s hard to do this when you are on a budget – going out for dinners or to the bar for “some” drinks every time can become quite costly! We’ve put together a list of fun but cost-effective date night or activity ideas for you to work your way through. This way, you can still spend quality time together with your partner / husband / mates…

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Reframe Your Money Mindset

Do you find yourself living pay-to-pay, spending all your money the minute it enters your account, or wondering where your money has gone / why you don’t have the money there to pay for bills you knew were coming? You may find that you have a ‘limited’ money mindset – but don’t worry! We are here to explain what money mindset is (and what we mean by limited vs growth) and how you can change your mindset – helping you…

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Why you should invest in yourself

We often associate the word “investing” with our finances, however, we are our own greatest asset. So if this is true, are we valuing ourselves enough to invest and lead us to living a life we love? In this article, we explain why you should invest in yourself. Listen to our podcast about investing in yourself here. Any successful business knows the importance of investing in their real estate, human resources, intellectual property etc. to optimise their performance. As individuals,…

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Are You Financially Healthy?

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to your finances? Don’t know if your income is enough to cover all of your outgoing costs? Do you check your balance on the regular, or are you more of an ‘avoid checking at all costs’ type of person? These questions are a good starting point when it comes to determining if you are what we call ‘financially healthy’. And don’t worry, if your answers aren’t what you would like them to be…

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Who is Femme Finance?

Welcome to Femme Finance! We are Emma & Amy and we’re excited to be here to talk to you about all things finance, lifestyle and mindset. We’re both financial advisors and have a passion for finance – so this is what you’d call our passion project. We are not here to give you personalised advice but we are here to get more people being mindful and aware of how their habits, behaviours and mindset impact on their finances and lifestyle…

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