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Money Dates & Creating Financial Wellbeing for Women

The Financial Services Council of New Zealand recently launched a fantastic campaign about inspiring financial wellbeing in women! Since we already love talking about all things finance, lifestyle and mindset we naturally took up the challenge to be involved in this great initiative. It all starts with action and the first step is starting conversations…

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How to Create a Budget

So, you have decided to take charge of where your money is going and what you are doing with it – you have some goals in mind and know the main tool to help you get there is to have a personal budget in place. A budget is a great snapshot of where your money…

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Catastrophic thinking to possibility thinking

As we know, mindset matters – so what are some of the things we can do for ourselves in order to move from catastrophic thinking to possibility thinking? First, what is catastrophic thinking and why do some of us think in this way, as opposed to others who think in a more positive way. Catastrophic…

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