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Mindfulness & Money

What is mindfulness: It is the basic and innate human ability to be self-aware at the physical, emotional and mental levels; and remain detached from what we experience at these levels. What are the benefits of mindfulness: Self-awareness Enhanced wellbeing We become more effective Assists with behaviour and attitude changes Reduced stress Improves focus Improves…

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How To Get Out Of Short Term Debt

Listen to our Short Term Debt podcast episode here. Debt, as we all know, is so easy to get into but extremely difficult to get out of. Having multiple different short term debts can make it confusing to manage and, when only paying the minimum repayments it is hard to get them paid off. Everyone…

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What Is Short Term Debt

You’ve probably heard a lot about short and long term debt, but do you understand the difference between the two? There are long term debts which (as the name suggests) are over a long period of time and 99% of the time is an investment and therefore you are likely to gain from it –…

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